Re:publica 2015

Trotzkind presented our very first demo at re:publica 2015!

Created with Cycloramic by Egos Ventures

I still love our logo for the event and the flyer:

Flyer Holodeck

“Ditch Fantasy, Get Real.” was our motto. We really tried to get across that we want to bring that realism of filmed material to the virtual world. (We even had a couple of zombies in our demo, but I think most people didn’t notice them 😉 )

Our hardware setup has grown a bit in the last few months… actually on that picture there are still some things missing.

People lined up to see our prototype. We used the Oculus Rift DK2 on a long cable, connected to a boom arm, so that they could walk around in our approx. 4x4m big space.

Created with Cycloramic by Egos Ventures

In the demo they were first flying in a helicopter underground and later through a kind of dystopian future and landed on the roof of a desolated, high building. During the flight they got to see what they didn’t know about before: they had to make a superhero pose before getting the rift and we captured that moment as a 3d-model of them and placed that model as gigantic statue in the middle of those skyscrapers and again as a little version on top of the roof, so they could walk around themselves. People really loved it and they had no problem with VR sickness! Moving in the virtual world in sync with your body really seems to do the trick.

We had to give interviews to press/tv/radio and talked to a lot of cool people. I think it couldn’t have been a better event. A few more impressions:

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