Little boxes in the office …

Computer Boxes… actually they are not so little.

Our new computers arrived!

One big main computer and the four “network” computers to hook up the Kinect cameras.

Now starts the fun part of installing everything …


  1. What computers did you go for four the network computers?
    Have you any results to share yet?
    (I’m thinking of building a 360 capture system from multiple kinects).

    • The four smaller computers for the Kinect cameras are basically i7 quad-cores, which work well. They are super silent and all the components are self-picked in order to get it.
      The chassis is a Fractal Design Node 804, which is somewhat in the middle of a small pc and a tower (I could have done without the window on the side though). The main reason for the Micro ATX mainboard (instead of an even smaller form factor PC), was that this can be upgraded with a full graphics card.
      We might need the extra GPU computing power in order to get realtime compression and 3D-calculations done.
      If you don’t need that, maybe an Intel NUC is a good choice, as long as the new i7 CPUs are already out. If you need anything more specific, write me, you find the email address in the imprint page.

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